Exxon Oil Spill Louisiana National Refuge



Exxon’s pipeline that originates in St. James Louisiana has broken and has spilled into the Atchafalaya refuge. Exxon has shut down the pipeline that originates in St. James Louisiana.
We cannot sustain anymore spills – most critically in Louisiana.
Exxon, BP who continues to have disasters in the Gulf and continues to use Corexit when there are proven alternatives that are non toxic.
Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar and Minerals Management – a branch of the interior (who I believe, oversees who gets the mineral rights to drill) have completely disregarded mammal protection laws.
This list is extensive and will be accessed as needed.
Many alternatives were offered during the BP oil spill – many looked at, none chosen.
One particular boom would have collected significantly more oil and is currently used in Russia. 
Steven Pedigo of OSE ll, has a non toxic, cost effective bio remediation process to remove oil which was endorsed by a top executive from BP –  but still the oil companies will not use it.


BP promised our team 13 million for remediation. Our suit was dropped after their claims dept suggested the process would move faster if we did this. We have seen nothing else from BP and the oil is still in the marsh.


Exxon invented Corexit and this is and was the primary chemical used in the cleanup.





Example: Team member, Michael Boatwright, a coral expert who works in hatcheries, is dealing with extensive skin burns on his body from his extended exposure to the chemicals in Corexit. THE NEW SPILL:

  Another oil spill occurred Saturday in Torbert Louisiana next to the Atchafalaya refuge. We are not sure who authorized a pipeline next to a national refuge but we are working to find out. Last week I made contact with the Corp of Army Engineers Deputy Inspector and two star general, as I believe there I will find my answer.

This oil spill dredges up the anguish from the recent BP Oil SPill. Lamar McKay, president of BP North America, had asked Darryl Willis, head geologist, to contact me and secure funding for my team to rescue sea turtles and other wildlife during the BP oil spill. We gathered a field of experts and flew into Louisiana. What we witnessed will live in our minds forever. We documented oiled wildlife and oil seeping into the most pristine beautiful marshes in the world.

We have comprised a group of people that are experts in environmental hazards and remediation and want to expose what his happening in the marshlands of Louisiana. This group of experts includes people that care about the environment and want to expose what is happening to the earth. U.S. Animal Protection, Gulf Wildlife Rescue, Gulf Recovery LLC, Sea Turtle Restoration Project, Ocean Defenders, Phillipe Cousteau, and many more people came into Louisiana to help with the BP Oil Spill- most were turned away leaving oiled animals and grasslands to die. It was not like the Valdez where everyone came in to clean animals. BP wanted to keep these pictures out of the mainstream. They could not do this if they allowed people to come in an clean and rescue these animals.

There was a very small operation hired on by BP called O’Briens. O’Briends hired Rhonda Mergatroid who was  the main person left in charge to carry out the largest wildlife rescue in Louisiana history. Even the Audubon Zoo rescue team wasn’t allowed in! The zoo was only allowed to take animals in. Many of the team wanted to rescue but was held back when many more animals could have been saved this way.

Ms. Mergatroid trained under Sharon Shmalz with Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation,  who was more than qualified and worked many oil spills who was ready to begin cleanup and rescue although would never be cleared to do so.  O’Brien chose only Mergatroid who everyone reported to including both Veterinarians on location.  Fish and Wildlife left their stations when it hit 97degrees- this was nearly every day. The stations were set up but no animals in them, we have photos. This group is forming together again to expose the Exxon Spill and the fact that this new spill is near a national refuge must be addressed immediately. The chemicals used after a spill is causing even more damage than the spill itself.

Why is Exxon allowed to use a known cancer causing toxic agent and able to profit by being the only firm contractually to use Corexit and why are pipelines being built through or alongside national refuges?

Dawn Taylor


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