United States Animal Protection TN Pit Bull Rings

United States Animal Protection working in Tennessee to stop the horrific abuse inflicted on pit bulls and arrest of those who are fighting them.

U.S. Animal Protection (U.S.A.P.) headquartered in New Orleans, LA, began investigating dog fighting in Tennessee in 2006 after local animal rescuers reported missing pit bulls from the Trenton, TN animal shelter. U.S.A.P. President & Founder Dawn Taylor, (former lead cruelty investigator, TN- SPCA) reached out to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) and was lucky enough to find an individual that truly cared about animals and agreed to look into allegations against Gibson County, TN mayor Riley and an ACO (animal control officer) stealing and selling pit bulls. We were able to obtain an audio recording of ACO Red Williams agreeing to sell pit bulls to the undercover TBI agent. It was then discovered that the mayor and ACO Williams had fought, tortured and killed pit bulls stolen from the shelter. Many of these animals were put in incinerators alive. Screams were heard by a local rescuer that happened to walk up on the shelter while Red Williams was killing said animals. On going investigations revealed that scores of pitbull fighters reside in this area.

Our ongoing investigations brought U.S.A.P. to 2010 when a witness contacted us describing a horrific case of cruelty. Many pit bulls had been poisoned with rat poison. Dogs of all ages were found dead while others lay dying for several days as the dogs’ “owner”, later described. The owner later became an informant for U.S.A.P. The TBI again was notified and is fervently continuing this investigation with the lead of U.S.A.P.

After months of investigating, Ms. Taylor was able to obtain the names of the main pit bull fighters throughout the region. Audio tapes were made of local pit bull fighters, with the consent and assistance of informant Jarrett xxxxxx Also, tapes were made to document names and information about illegal activities concerning upcoming dog fights. This information was shared with sister organization Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation ( R.U.F.F.F.) President & Founder Hillarie Allison , headquartered in Arizona as well as U.S.A.P. Vice-President, and Robert Misseri, a trusted animal activist and Guardians of Rescue founder (previously of Rescue Ink) in New York. Mr. Misseri then alerted Chris Derose of Last Chance for Animals to the case U.S.A.P. had initiated many months before.

U.S.A.P. did not relinquish the case but welcomed Mr. Derose, who joined in the investigation. U.S.A.P. in conjunction with the TBI, discovered that plans were in place for a “Bash” ( a huge fight involving hundreds of dogs) in September 2011. Top U.S.A.P. members waited anxiously for the “Bash” that the dog fighters hold annually to enact the bust. This illegal bash is attended by many, including well-known sports figures and famous celebrities and is a major gambling event. Unfortunately, our informant was arrested on unrelated charges before the “bash” occurred and no arrests have been made to date. It is estimated 500+ pit bulls are being fought in the localized area of Gibson County, TN and surrounding areas. U.S.A.P is working with filmmakers to document the dog fighting rings that will ultimately culminate in arrests and convictions. U.S.A.P. members are hopeful that this documentation will prove invaluable if caught on film. To get an arrest in Tennessee,the perpetrators generally have to be caught in the act. Often, the case gets thrown out or minimized to a slap on the wrist! It is our goal to see that this doesn’t happen again and that these dog fighting monsters get sentenced to the full extent of the law. While we continue our work on this case we will be attempting to gather footage of pit bull fighters in action. Our informant has agreed to meet us in Tennessee as we send in our own filmmakers to gather evidence of these atrocities and facilitate the arrest and conviction of these unconscionable pit bull fighters. The lead animal cruelty investigator in TN has agreed to take in the dogs after seizure as well as a local humane society. The dogs will first be placed in a “Triage” setting to assess their condition and health.The dogs will be removed safely and placed into the hands of respected animal rescuers. President Taylor along with other members of U.S.A.P. will then bring in local volunteer vets to treat any conditions or injuries prior to transporting to the above mentioned facilities, with the ultimate goal of finding adoptive homes for any and all that are deemed adoptable. The others will be sent to sanctuaries to be rehabilitated and /or live out their natural lives in loving peace.

U.S.A.P. will not rest until these perpetrators are exposed and brought to justice!

My name is Ken xxxxxx and I’m currently a Special Agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. I am writing you regarding Dawn Taylor Bechtold. Dawn has brought awareness to the TBI concerning dog fighting and animal cruelty inside Tennessee’s borders. As a result of Dawn’s efforts, several individuals involved in animal fighting, animal cruelty, and drug trafficking were arrested and are currently being prosecuted at this time. Our office is committed to combating animal cruelty and will continue to work with Dawn in anyway we can. Dawn is described as passionate and relentless when it comes to protecting and saving the lives of helpless animals.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ken xxxxx, Special Agent TBI

Note; we are not finished in TN filmakers have come in and put the rest of this investigation at risk. We are trying to repair the damage with our informant so that more arrest will eventually be made by the TBI. All of our thanks to the TBI for the arrest made.



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